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New here

Hi all, I just wanted to post and say hi. I came across this community a week or so ago, and I was very intrigued. Did some research online, and thought the idea of wearing no bra was interesting. So I've been trying it out around the house, very comfy. Today was my first day of wearing no bra at all. Went to work, wore normal work clothes with a cami, and I swear you couldn't tell I wasn't wearing a bra except that my boobs were not quite as high, haha. (I'm a 34C, and I normally wear a push-up bra.) Went to class tonight in a printed t-shirt, and I don't think you could tell terribly much. But I have to say, it was SO comfortable! I am so psyched about this. I don't see myself going completely brafree, but maybe part of the time. It was so nice not having that stupid band digging into my ribs. Yay!

Hope this kind of post is ok, hehe. But I am so excited I had to share!
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