Aura (araminya) wrote in bras_suck,

Well, that's an improvement

I noticed yesterday that I can skip the rope without any tight clothing holding my breasts still - and it doesn't hurt at all. Not one bit. In fact it doesn't really even feel all that uncomfortable, which is a major improvement from when I was wearing bras; back then I couldn't even do the lightest jogging without my arms crossed tightly over my chest. Now there's no pain at all! Gosh, I do love my brafreedom. :D I'm also slowly getting more to the mindset of not giving a toss if somebody sees that I in fact have nipples, which is good because summer is on its way and I'm not keen on layering when it's a sauna out there.

Also, lemme share a tale from my childhood. I remember when I was downtown with my mother, who used to wear pretty raggy bras, a (probably drunken) man in the street shouted, "and the mum's nipples are showing!" which was obviously very disgusting. Well, I don't remember how long it was after that when my mum started to buy new, shiny bras, but I do think that that man's shouting contributed a lot to it; suddenly there were just loads of new ones in the laundry. :/
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