E. (may1em) wrote in bras_suck,

Dimrs and larger cups?

Yo there!
I have worn a regular bra exactly once since October, and usually wear bralettes, camisoles, or the tank tops with a built-in bra. Now that it's getting warmer out, I'd like to be able to break out the tank tops, not have to layer, and not have to pick exclusively dark colors so my areolas don't show through.

I was interested in dimrs, but unwilling to commit to thirty bucks for an experiment, so I bought some stick on silicone nipple covers from Target that were on sale.

Well, I don't really have large breasts, but they certainly aren't small. If I wear a real bra, I'm either a 36D or a 34DD depending on style. I also have dinner-plate sized areolas, and I need the larger cup size because they're broad, not because they're super full.

I'm running into two problems with the stick-ons; 1 - they don't completely cover the areola, and 2 - the way they rest makes it look like I have two saucer-like bumps on either breast (this is not as much an issue on the smaller one).

Do Dimrs or other such things come in larger sizes? I think I'd have a lot more luck with an extra half inch diameter or a slightly flatter shape. I might end up looking into nipple covers meant for nursing women, but this is kind of ridiculous!
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