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Transman in a Bind: My Mom is Trying to Get me to Wear a Bra! Help!

I don't know if this is an appropriate post for this list but here goes:

I'm a transman and three days ago my mom gave me some sports bras that look like they might be too warm and some panties (I don't want these either, I need men's underwear)
. She said I'm almost fifty so if I don't wear a bra I'm going to end up with sagging boobs. As if I really care about that!

I wear a light sports bra as a binder with only a certain loose shirt I wear in the summer to hide my breasts so I can pass as male(I go braless with the other shirts). The bras my mom got me as I mentioned before might be too warm for wearing every day--plus one of them is not a compression bra (a compression sports bra is appropriate for binding).

I googled sagging breasts and a site said breasts will sag whether you wear a bra or not. Are there any breast health risks for not wearing a bra over 50?

I'm closeted to my mom about my gender identity and expression/presentation! What can I do?

Odd post for a predominantly women's issue, huh?
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