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Sitting with my Legs Apart Waiting for Library to Open Conflict

I don't know if this is an appropriate question for this list but...

This week I was sitting at a computer at the library and a librarian passed me a note about my sitting in front of the library (I was waiting for it to open to get on a computer--first come, first serve) with my legs apart you know, a casual position. It went on to say "kids can see your private parts" dispite they were well covered. I don't know, I went to the librarian and said it was none of her business. I went online to talk about it and I was told my reaction was inappropriate.
The criticizm continues to climb.

Growing up I was taught it was "unlady-like" to sit that way and some years ago I was riding a bus and a guy, complete stranger yelled "SIT LIKE A LADY!".

I spoke with the librarian and she said a page said she saw me through a window and she saw some kids looking up my shorts and they were laughing. The kids part of the note to me was just incidental but the online responses made it the main issue. Most of the replies insist SOMETHING must have been showing or noone would have complained--only one reply disagreed with them.

Since then I sit with my legs closed out of fear.

I'm still confused, is this a gender stereotype issue or a protecting a child issue?
Should I try to talk to the page to straighten it out?
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