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Not Fond Of Wearing A Bra

I too find that wearing a bra can be annoying and uncomfortable. I understand that sometimes it is essential to wear one (at least for me) like being in the work place or another such event. I grew up from a strict conservative family so growing up I was pretty much forced to even if i did want to. I used to hate the pain it gave me in my shoulders and how it would dig into my skin almost to the point of cutting me.

The only thing was wearing a bra was natural to me after always wearing one growing up. Going to college, getting married..I still wore one and didn't think twice about it. It wasn't until a couple of years ago (actually when i was on vacation and my luggage got lost at the airport) that I went my first full day without wearing a bra. I don't have the largest breasts but I still felt exposed without one. I remember if i saw someone looking at me i assumed they were looking at the fact that i was bra-less, even if the were not.

After that week of going without a bra i started to enjoy it and started doing it more and more when i got home. Walking around the house and sometimes going to the supermarket in the mornings. It became apart of me, I loved being bra-less. No more pain and the new free feeling that it gave me. It was liberating.

(Me around the house)
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