Hallie (sadie_cocopuff) wrote in bras_suck,

bit of a ramble

 i was shopping yesterday and overheard the following conversation in the fitting room:

mom: i need to come in and see if it fits, since you've never done this before.
daughter: it feels HORRIBLE.
mom: well, sweetie, that's just how it goes. bras feel horrible.

i really just wanted to leap out of my fitting room and shout "then why the HELL are you making your daughter do something that makes her feel bad?" now i kind of do feel bad that i didn't say anything, but i didn't want to get into the awkwardness of eavesdropping/telling a mother how to raise her daughter (all of that has air quotes, but i'm pretty sure that's how it would have gone). but seriously, if it is mutually acknowledged among women that bras feel horrible, what are we doing still wearing them? (those of us that do, i mean.) 

a BIG part of the issue is that women's clothing is engineered with bras in mind. i own a lot of clothes that i like that look pretty terrible without a bra on under them -- not because i think the bra-free silhouette is ugly (i really like it, in fact), but because that's not how the clothes were designed. it wouldn't even be that difficult to reengineer a lot of styles to work with no bra under them, but there's not much demand for it except for strapless things (because even people who wear bras seem to recognize that strapless bras are uncomfortable, though for me if i had to choose i would wear strapless ones). also because fashion magazines occasionally post pictures of actresses going bra-free with commentary on how unfashionable and/or slutty they look. *grimace*

just wanted to share that story with someone, and i figured you all would be the most likely to be interested!
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