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Walking While Female

I don't know if this post is appropriate for this list but I feel the issue reinforces gender stereotypes and the oppression of women:

Last week I was walking to a library in another city because the local one I go to now charges for the printouts and the one I was heading to doesn't. I was stopped by a cop in his cruiser who asked me where I was going asked me for ID, if I was homeless, if I was ever arrested, and if I knew that there is a library closer to where I lived. I remained polite throughout and to my relief he let me go.

I don't want to do the equivalent of "Is it because I'm black" but I wonder if this cop believes the following myth:

Myth: Rape only occurs outside and at night.
Fact: Rape can and does occur anytime and anyplace. Many rapes occur during the day and in the victims’ homes.

My older sister was raped in her own home by someone she knew--the majority of rapes!

People think I'm "stupid" for going outside early (Even 10 am is STILL too early for some people!)
and occassionally family members and even my current counselor at the LGBT center (I'm a female-bodied genderqueer person) treat me like I'm being "ungrateful" no matter how respectful I try to be about their concerns--they even become hostile.

The "rape happens outdoors at night" myth is just something people repeat without questioning it for generations only achieving allowing men to come and go whenever they want and "normal women" (not on drugs, aren't suffering from mental problems, aren't homeless) spend more time indoors! It lets law enforcement treat women like children "for their own safety"!

Are there any organization that would help me spread the word about this sexist myth disguised as rape prevention?
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