mel_pa (mel_pa) wrote in bras_suck,

"Don't go Outside so Early!!: Rape Culture at Home

This weekend I tried to leave for my recycling route at 5: 45 am when my mom ordered me from behind, "Get back into this house! Don't leave so early!". I just ignored my mom and left. I've had this battle with my mom for many years over being outdoors after dark but I wasn't even outside after dark it was getting light. Mom always said that if I go outside after dark I could get raped, the thing that kills me is now I know that is a very common myth unforturnately perpetuated by police as well as society at large. Only %9 of rapes happen outside after dark; the major of rapes occur in the victims home, the perpetrator is usually someone the victim knows, in the daytime. That's what happened to my older sister, she was raped in her own home by her husband's friend (I don't know what time). Do you see the irony of my mom's behavior there?

Whenever I try to talk to someone about it most react with hostility towards me because they believe the myth too and/or my mom is just trying to protect me and perceive me as an "ungrateful b---".

Mom says don't blame the victims of rape--unless the victim was outside after dark, hitchhiked, let the perpetrator into their home etc. "The victims were 'stupid' for doing those things. I say it is NEVER the victim's fault--period!

My mom's behavior is rape culture in the home, I was born female but I have the Goddess given right to come and go as I please, not because I don't identify as female (men are allowed to go out whenever they please, this is wrong!) but because I am an adult!

What can I say or do? I need to left early for my recycling route to make enough money!
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