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Bras Suck!!
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This community was created for the purpose of discussing the restraints known as bras, as well as other gender and social issues stemming from current events and everyday problems. All orientations, genders, and sex identifications are welcome here.

The community is open to everyone, however this is not a place for breast or lingerie fetishism. There are a number of erotic boards and communities on the internet -- this is not one of them. If your LJ interests list and community memberships revolve around pornography, you are likely to be removed from this community -- we do not intend to discriminate against anyone interested in sexuality, it's just that we're really not interested in your breast/body fat/lingerie fetish(es).

You don't have to be "braless"/"brafree" to join or post here -- we are not of the if-you're-not-with-us-you're-against-us mentality. Maybe you'd just like to rant about the high prices, the discomfort, the dresscode at your school or place of work, or you've got other bra-related stories to share.

Community promotions will be tolerated, within reason. The purpose of the community must be somewhat related to our topic, involving gender, gender expression, social justice, body politics, moral standards, etc. If you're not sure, ask the mod. Please LJ-cut anything that's more than a few lines. For information on using LJ-cut, please see this page.

Do not delete other people's comments. Deleting things you don't like is counterproductive to discourse.

Do not make meta-posts. If problems erupt, keep it where it started. Posting about problems that started in previous posts will result in post deletion and, more than likely, a pissed off mod.

If you suspect trolling, contact the mod. For fuck's sake, don't put your hands near its face and don't feed it.

Relevant Sites:
- A list of myths and healthy alternatives
- History, myths, and general info
- Discusses the results of a Harvard study correlating bras with breast cancer
- Gallery of normal, non-sexual breasts
- BraFree.org
- GoingBraless.net's forum

Community Polls:
- General Cosmetics
- How did you find this community? Why did you join?
- What is the worst torture device used on women?

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